League History
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The Swansea Little League was established in 1952 under the direction of league President James McDonald, Vice-President William Ratcliffe, Secretary Antone Costa, Treasurer Stanley Baker and Advisory Board Members William Marr, Herbert Walker, Patrick Callahan, Bruno Ward and William Edgar.
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Opening Day 2017

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Chad Thiboutot Memorial Tournament (formerly the Veterans Memorial Tournament and the Mark G. Hoyle Tournament)

  - Tournament history

Managers & Coaches

  - Managers from 1952 until 1986 (missing 1984, 1985)
  - Coaches from 1952 until 1986 (missing 1984, 1985)

Umpires in Chief

  - from 1952 until present (with some gaps...please help us fill them in!)

Miscellaneous All Stars

  - 1960 All Stars
  - 1963 All Stars
  - 1965 All Stars
  - 1966 All Stars
  - 1971 All Stars
  - 1973 All Stars
  - 1974 All Stars
  - 1975 All Stars
  - 1980 All Stars
  - 1985 All Stars
  - 1987 All Stars
  - 2005 All Stars
  - 2006 All Stars
  - 2007 All Stars
  - 2008 All Stars
  - 2009 All Stars
  - 2010 All Stars
  - 2011 All Stars
  - 2012 All Stars
  - 2013 All Stars
  - 2014 All Stars
  - 2015 All Stars
  - 2016 All Stars
  - 2017 All Stars
  - 2018 All Stars
  - 2019 All Stars
  - 2020 All Stars - No All Stars due to COVID Pandemic
  - 2021 All Stars
  - 2022 All Stars

Swansea Little League Receives ASAP Award (8/25/2016)

2016 ASAP Award

The safety of all Little League® players, volunteers, and fans is of upmost importance for Little League International. In 1995, Little League established the A Safety Awareness Program (ASAP), to encourage local Little League programs to create safety plans specific to their facilities and league. This plan would be used to help guide that league to a successful year.

With the support of Musco Sports Lighting and AIG Insurance, Little League recognizes those leagues who go above and beyond with their ASAP plans each year. At an annual luncheon during the Little League World Series, two leagues from each of the five United States regions are recognized for their participation in the ASAP program. Little League District Administrators are also recognized for their work in helping local leagues create their ASAP plans.

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