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League History:
Division Champs

The Swansea Little League was established in 1952 under the direction of league President James McDonald, Vice-President William Ratcliffe, Secretary Antone Costa, Treasurer Stanley Baker and Advisory Board Members William Marr, Herbert Walker, Patrick Callahan, Bruno Ward and William Edgar.

Swansea Little League
P.O. Box 422
Swansea, MA 02777

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Umpires in Chief

Year(s) Umpire in Chief
1952 George Aguiar - First Umpire in Chief
1953-1975 George Aguiar
1976 Lionel Andrade
1977 Roger Chretien
1978-1979 Gene Rutowski
1980-1981 John Rodrigues
1982 Jesse Furtado
1983 Ronald Andrade
1984 ?
1985 George Cardeiro
1986 Joe Salvas
1996 Hugh Kentworthy
1997-2004 Joe Salvas
2005-2008 William Whalen
2009 Brendan Griffin
2010-2013 Paul Nadeau
2014 Cory Raposa
2015-2017 Paul Bell
2018-2021 Joe Martin

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