League History:
All Stars

The Swansea Little League was established in 1952 under the direction of league President James McDonald, Vice-President William Ratcliffe, Secretary Antone Costa, Treasurer Stanley Baker and Advisory Board Members William Marr, Herbert Walker, Patrick Callahan, Bruno Ward and William Edgar.


Swansea Little League
P.O. Box 422
Swansea, MA 02777

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Emergency Contact Numbers

Swansea Police (508) 674-8464
Swansea Fire Dept (508) 672-4305
St. Anne’s (508) 674-5600
Charlton Memorial (508) 679-3131
Hasbro Children’s (401) 444-3406

2014 Little League All Stars

8 Year Old All Stars

8 Yr Olds
8 Year Old All Stars

9 Year Old All Stars

Ethan Alves Brandon Bannister, Nathan Burdett, Carter Cantafio, Caden Capaldo, Christian Chapman, Aiden Chianese, Winthrop Golembewski, Andrew Medeiros, Joel Mello, Colby Smith, Trent Stephens and Brady Thiboutot
Manager: Chad Thiboutot
Coaches: Darrin Smith, Justin Chapman, Bobby Chianes

10 Year Old All Stars

Kenden Dias, Jake Pontes, Jacob Monte, Andrew Ashley, Ryan Smith, Kyle Jardin, Collin Crowell, Michael Amaral, Jayden Reynolds, Gage Stidham, Aidan Bates and Logan Medeiros

11 Year Old All Stars

Little League (12 Year Old) All Stars

12 Yr Olds
12 Year Old All Stars
(not in order) Zach Brown, Bradley Dellicker, Clayton Dyer, Keagan Lecomte, Liam McKenzie Ryan Martin, Michael Martins, Jason Medeiros, Lance Schecter, Daniel Silva, Ryan Simons, Brendan Thibault
Manager: Mike Silva
Asst Coaches: Dale Dellicker, Ted Dyer and Joe Martin
Special Asst to the Manager/ Auxiliary Player: Wyatt Rego

Junior (13/14 Year Old) All Stars

13/14 Yr Olds
Junior All Stars
(not in order) Marc Haslam, DJ Perron, Justin Stantieski, John Andrew Plante, Jacob Sarza, John Mingo, Maxwell Furtado, Reilly DosAnjos, Logan Sylvester, Kiehl Kantellis, Shawn Medeiros, Collin Diamond and Anthony Reed

Senior (15/16 Year Old) All Stars

15/16 Yr Olds
Senior All Stars & District 6 Champs
(not in order) Kyle Berube, Tom DaCosta, Adam Dellicker, David DeOliveira, Brian Dion, Wesley Dyer, John Elderkin, Nick Ferneza, Shawn Gerling, Tyler Nadeau,Tyler Orzechowski, Joseph Paiva, Daniel Plante, Myils Rodrigue, Timothy Silva and Christopher Viau Jr